Freely programmable compact keyboard with magnetic card reader and chip card reader


→ Mechanical individual keys with membrane contact switches (FTSC technology)
→ Designed for continuous usage - over 50 mill. confirmations per key
→ Robust and reliable
→ Fully programmable USB 2.0 keyboard
→ PC/SC chip card terminal with high-quality landing contacts
→ 3-Track Magnetic Stripe Reader
→ Programming type can be selected: physically (internal memory) or via software macros using "Cherry Tools" software
→ Statistics provided via WMI
→ UPOS for Windows® and Linux; client-server architectures supported
→ Efficient configuration with professional Cherry Tools Software
→ On request: integrated USB hub with high-power downstream ports (500mA, self-powered, high-speed)

Magnetic Stripe Reader:

→ 3-track reader
→ Data transfer via USB HID as keyboard scan codes (keyboard emulation; pre-setting) or optionally as raw data
→ Freely-programmable header and terminator per magnetic card track
→ Adjustable transmission of the start and end characters (sentinels)
→ Filtering and replacement of card data
→ Increased security during card processing due to the programming of extended hex codes
→ Acoustic signal which can be activated following successful or unsuccessful reading of the magnetic card, signal duration can be set.
→ Freely-selectable output sequence of the tracks
→ Optional output of LRC bytes
→ Programming and output of ALT sequences